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A support to Radia Nasraoui

Radia Nasraoui Radia's health had very much deteriorated. She had started her hunger strike on October 15th 2003 to stop all harassment, intimidation, humiliation that she and her family had to suffer because of the anti-democratic regime in Tunisia. 

Her office was turned upside down on many occasions by the police and the files of her clients were taken by the office of General Information. She demands the right to practice freely her profession as a lawyer.
The Committee for the defence of rights in Tunisia had a meeting in Paris with lawyers coming especially from Tunisia for the occasion. We informed the press and wrote a letter to Jacques Chirac who was preparing a state visit in Tunisia.
Radia is a courageous woman that I admire very much. When I go to Tunisia, she awaits me at the airport. When a Tunisian policeman put his hand on me in front of the prison, she got angry with him. This is Radia. She is afraid of no one.

She did succeed in alerting the government of her country and public opinion. We are glad that she has decided to put an end to her hunger strike.  librement






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The placing of the first stone
On this Sunday morning, in the suburbs of Paris, the moslem community as well as people from the neighbourhood had gathered in a large barn to attend the placing of the first stone of what would become the future Community Centre.

salle de prière For the last 10 years, an organization has been fighting to obtain a hall for prayer, meetings and education. All the obstacles have been overcome and today there is hope.

If everything goes well, in a year from now, for the next Ramadam, the Centre will be a reality.
The mayor was asked to speak, then the imam. It was then my turn to speak. " With you, I'm like a family. How not to rejoice when thinking about all those men and women and children that will come to this Centre? Their views will be revived. Their hearts will open up. Their intelligence will increase. How is it not possible to dream, an old dream that has been shared by many men and women throughout the ages? It is a dream that all human beings are equal. Many men and women have fought, suffered and given their lives to build a more brotherly world!
May this place of peace bring us on the road of meeting and dialogue. "
The families had prepared cakes and refreshments. This togetherness felt good.



Try the impossible

The association's premises seemed too small to accommodate all the young people with no papers: Afghans, Iranians, Kurds, Algerians…but it was the time where soup and sandwiches coming from Paris City Hall were being served.  sans logis

I made my way to a small room completely full. An Afghan was timidly searching for a few words of French to present his demand to a person in charge behind a desk. He had obtained lodging for 7 days in a small hotel. Now, the time was up. On this night, he did not know where to go. The person in charge answered with irritation: "I have already told you. There is no more space. It is pointless to insist. You have had your 7 days. Now it is somebody else's turn."
Seeing that the night had come and that the cold was bitter, I intervened: " You must make a miracle ! When nothing can be done, one must try the impossible ". Everyone began to laugh. The young Afghan knew he had found an ally in me and regained courage. But the person in charge insisted: " Every day, it is the same thing. Will you put this in your head that one cannot do whatever he likes. We are obliged to stay within the number of rooms that are allowed to us."
Having said that, he stood up and went to Mourad who took his place. Mourad announced that he would phone to the director of a youth hostel.

jeune afghan Our young Afghan followed this action closely. Suddenly his face lit up: there was a room for him. He was happy and everyone else was happy for him. The miracle took place. 




The exorcist

One time is not a habit: I was invited to the exorcist of Paris. The exorcist does not work alone. He works with a team of ten experienced men and women, accustomed to listening, trained for discernment. One woman is a doctor.
I am privileged to assist to their morning meeting. As every week, they gather to exchange on the difficulties they have encountered, discover what blocks their action and to be attentive to the ongoing liberations.
I am struck by the realism of their exchanges. It is a team that is very down to earth.

Many persons come to them. When they knock on their door, the healing process begins. They are going to make a distance with what they have to live. 

frapper à la porte

What a great task to be able to liberate people and help them back on the road again!
After this exchange, I celebrated mass and shared their meal.