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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

famille sainte By welcoming in our world the Prince of Peace at Christmas, we become women and men of peace. Wherever we are, what ever we do, we will carry the Peace of God to all.
Rejoice to begin Year 2005 with these feelings! We will go towards all those who work for peace some time at arm's length in every corner of the world.

January 1995-January 2005: ten years already! Ten exciting and difficult years! My heart is full of gratitude for God and for you. Each year my heart has widened thanks to you.

Ten years of struggles, of hope, of dignity! Who will be able to count so many laughs, so many protests! 

de luttes

This celebration is first your celebration. Many have expressed themselves for this occasion.
Your words are a seed of humanity; they will be collected in a book that will be issued next year.

Starting from the beginning of January a book in French will be published entitled «Carnet de route» or logbook. It will collect all I wrote on the Partenia web site about live events.

On Saturday, 15 January, at the local Trade Union Center, there will be a simple and festive meeting of Partenia friends. How to keep up with the future, if we don't have a good time together?

For this anniversary, the Partenia web site has been renewed. This special edition turns the page on the past to turn a new page for the future.

I am thinking about the words of Jesus to Nathaniel: ?4You will see things even greater» .
God can bring something new in our lives whatever is our past. These ten years make me more eager about the future.

faire du nouveau 
The harvest is in front of us. The slow germination of what we have sown will be ripe one day. We already see the young shoots of spring.
That the sweet Peace of God be with you all the days of this year.

Jacques Gaillot