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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

Facing terrorism, the need for security has become the main concern of the people. Security policy is being intensified. Can we be afraid that tomorrow every individual will be under control?
It is already coming. The new technologies speed up this trend. Private information are already collected and transmitted by Air companies, banks, and supermarkets…. There are attempts to file in the genetic traits of the population.
Without speaking of the omnipresence of surveillance video cameras installed in some cities. We are going toward a society of control. Security overpasses our individual rights. Public opinion does not react because it asks for maximal security. 

surveillance totale

In France, the ecologist Nicolas Hulot has become a key representative of the defense of the environment. He is always alerting the politicians by saying that a major catastrophe is on the doorstep of humanity. What can ordinary citizens do?
gaspillage They can change the way they live. Used to a consumer society in our wealthy countries, we are invited to consume less and live in a different way. This concerns transportation, food, management of waste, use of energy, tracking down waste, respect of nature…. People are becoming aware of that. It is urgent. If we do nothing it will be too late. 
The Israeli attacks on the Palestinian population in the Gaza strip are multiplying. Is there a will to break the national unity of the Palestinian people?
Certainly. There is a hope to see the right wing of Fattah rising up against the Hamas government and then instigating a civil war. All the necessary ingredients are gathered including and mostly the forced blockade of the Palestinian people.
le peuple est asphyxié The people are economically strangled. Deadly internal conflicts are happening. However, presently the hatred of the occupying power is still strong and the national unity is a deciding factor.