Log-book: August 2003

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The Bible

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The baptism of Axel  


Around hundred persons had taken place in the church of a village in Lorraine. They had come from every part of France and some even from foreign countries. Most of them were not churchgoers. Many were Muslims. A priest was beside me. There were many young people in this assembly, happy take part to the celebration. They are present with their emotions, their desires, their joy of living, their fragility and their doubts.

le baptême 

Axel's father heartily welcomed everyone. In his words, he explained why, he and his wife wished their two and a half years old child, to be baptised. His words sounded genuine. A breath of humanity and authenticity covered the assembly. Yet there were no music, no choir but the words of the gospel falling on a good soil and the rites giving sense to the ceremony.

Axel was standing in front of the assembly. With a serious expression on his face, he received the water on his face and then, he was anointed with the holy oil. He was holding a lighted candle in his hand; the assembly was attentively looking at him, illuminated by him. Everybody was impressed. Something had happened that had touched the heart of everyone.

The celebration continued in the nearby field until late at night. The parents of Axel were wonderful by their presence and their hospitality. They gave happiness to everyone. They gave so much. That is why they received so much.






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Opposing Iranians
For more then 20 years, they have been living in the surroundings of Paris in Auvers-sur-Oise and were benefiting from the protection of the French police. They had been quickly integrated among the people of the village. Their children were going to school. The inhabitants of the village had friendly relationships between them. One morning at dawn, a large scale police operation took place against the opposing Iranians.
A seism for the village. The arrests especially that of their president Maryam Radjavi,, caused a shock. 

Maryam Radjavi

I was asked to go to Auvers to meet the women and men who had gone on a hunger strike. There was a heat wave. I listened to the distress of these people and all were very weak. I was impressed by the expression of their faces and their eyes as when I was in pilgrimage in Lourdes passing in front of each sick person. Facing this crown, I make a prayed to God.

en liberté Reversal of the situation : everyone was given back his freedom. It was a moment of joy in Auvers, beginning with the officials of the village. Again I was invited. Every face was gleaming with joy.  
I answered to the questions of the newsmen reporters who are questioning me: " They have suffered humiliation and insults, today they are celebrating victory. I was with them in times of hardships, it is only normal that I be with them to celebrate ".



An inhuman evacuation

Maison des Ensembles I shared a breakfast with the illegal refugees who were expulsed from the House for All ( Maison des Ensembles) at 6 o'clock in the morning. 

The police hasd treated them with disproportionate force : without notice, they broke in with a bulldozer, they used gaz, hit the refugees and used verbal violence. The solidarity cashbox of the group as well as all the official documents were confiscated. Yet the authorities knew that if the status of the very few left had been regularized, they would have voluntarily cleared the premises.


I had in front of me human beings that were very weak, tired of fighting since August 1999 and today they feel threatened because their group has been scattered. They have no desire for revenge nor any hate in their hearts. They do not seek violence. More than ever, they want to show solidarity and they are determined to work towards the regularization the status for all the members of the group. Victory will be theirs.




la porte ouverte What door should I knock to ?  

Before the train entered the station in Nancy, a young man came up to me with a video in his hands.: " Do you recognize ? ". I looked at the video entitled : the greatest story of love. Jesus is seen appearing in front of his disciples. " Maybe it is too much Hollywood style" he said but I found nothing else. I want to know more about Jesus. I know nothing about Christianity. In this field, I am useless ".

connaître Jésus I listened with admiration to this young man who expressed so simply his desire to better know Jesus and who felt so alone in his quest. He was married, father of two children and studying in Paris. 

" I need a catechism " he told me. I took out of my briefcase "* A catechism with a touch of liberty" that I was going to offer to a family for the christening of their son and I handed it out to him. Seeing his interest for the book while taking a glance at it, I told him:: " I will send one copy ". A door is now opened.

*Jacques Gaillot, Alice Gombault et Pierre de Locht "Un catéchisme au goût de liberté", Editions Ramsay - ISBN 2-84114-631 (only french version), cliquez Bibliographie française