Log-book: June 2003

  A commemorative evening in Geneva 
  A meeting with young people in Germany 
  The struggle of the Kurds in Grenoble 
  Toussaint Louverture   
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A commemorative evening in Geneva

Iran In 1990, Kazem Radjavi was assassinated near Geneva, in the Vaud County. A commando of thirteen terrorists stopped his car on the road and shot him to death.  

Once again, the assassination was the work of Iranian agents of the Secret Service since the Islamic government had a policy of systematically eliminating all opponents living in foreign countries. Thirteen years after this crime, the investigation of the case is still going on…

Valerian Kazem Radjavi was a great figure of the opposition to the Mullahs regime. Passionate for his country, he was a determined advocate of human rights.  

This action was committed to silence him but men and women stood up and followed his footsteps like his son Stephen, who insisted on my presence at this commemorative evening. In the ballroom of one of the main hotel in Geneva, Iranians and key figures of the city had gathered around the family. I was invited to speak the last and I felt I had to talk about hope. I chose to speak about the Christian hope that was mine in this Easter time. We cannot keep only the memory of the one that has left us. For me, death cannot have the last word. Life is not destroyed but transformed. We are called to live because God is the Lord of life! The people listened very carefully. I invited them to rejoice. Life cannot be stopped.






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A meeting with young people in Germany
lycée à Kerpen In a secondary school near Cologne, around 300 young people gathered in a meeting room tastily decorated. Trained to the media, they made a video of the meeting. 

Questions were prepared in advance and were read to me. I was amazed to see how well they listened. Their faces were attentive and showed interest because these young people have a great feeling for a word of liberty that gives meaning to their life and importance to individual responsibility. My speech has no other purpose than to enlighten free consciences to enhance personal choices.

These young people fully understand that the institution does not have to control their conscience and that there is no recipe for thinking.   écouter à la parole de liberté
They would have find so simple and so easy to be told what to say and what to do or not to do, to think or not to think! Relying on others would be a resignation on their part and they would miss what they are called to be, free and responsible persons, able of giving meaning to their own life. It is an arduous adventure but so exciting!



The struggle of the Kurds in Grenoble

grève de la faim Thirty-three Kurds on a hunger strike since thirty days have invited me to Grenoble because the situation has become difficult.  

Like it is always in Grenoble, the combat is unified: associations, organizations, and left wing political parties are working neck to neck.

Greeted at the station, I am brought to the place where the Kurds are. So many people were gathered outside and inside that it was not easy to clear the way to go in. A woman gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers. The media were present. I took the time to shake hands with each Kurd lying on a mattress. They came from the region of Diyarbakir where I had been twice. I spoke to them as brothers and I invited them to be confident. " Truly, the struggle is hard but there is such a demonstration of solidarity towards you that a solution will be found. Some day, your status will be regularized and it will be a day to rejoice. I hope you will invite me!" The Kurds smiled and loud applause broke out.
The Secretary General of the district received a delegation. The situation had reached a deadlock. The delegates requested another meeting, this time with the Governor of the district himself. They will win their case. A solution will finally be found.

The Kurds agreed to cease their hunger strike. With no further delay, they set a date to celebrate a feast in June and informed me of the date!  la lutte est rude




Toussaint Louverture

I did not know this man before going to Haiti. At once this man who is justly the pride of the Haitians and the founding father of the Republic of Haiti impressed me.

Toussaint Louverture I was invited to a commemorative evening in homage to Toussaint Louverture for the bicentennial of his death (1803-2003) and I made every effort not to miss that. Born a slave, working like a slave in a plantation owned by a count, Toussaint led the only victorious rebellion of slaves in the history of mankind.  

He participated in the great revolt of 1791. In 1794, the French Convention abolished slavery. The French Republic made him general of brigade in the army. He chased the Spanish, then the English from San Domingo. In 1801, being 58 years of age, he became governor general of San Domingo and had at his command an army of 25000 men. He was at the height of his fame.

But in 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte decided to reinstate slavery in the colonies. Can there be any worse news? Once you have tasted freedom, can one imagine becoming a slave again? The rebellion broke out immediately in the isles. It is better to die than to become a slave again. Napoleon sent out an important military expedition. Resistance was heroic. The losses were terrible.

Toussaint Louverture was arrested for treason, deported to France, thrown in prison at Fort Joux in the Jura where he died of hunger, cold and tuberculosis. He was only 60 years old. He stays and remains a victorious martyr.