Log-book: June 2002

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The Bible

Special Edition

Joy along the way

Because of her illness, a woman unable to leave her house insisted that I visit her. Even though I had no acquaintance with her, I went to visit her without delay using the subway. Coming out of the station that I thought was the right stop, I found it difficult to find my way.

sur la route  I went into a salon where the hairdresser was occupied with a woman's hair. Barely had I addressed myself to him when he said: "How lucky you are it is you, because never do I speak to a priest!" The woman having her hair done looked up all intrigued by this unusual dialogue. Looking out the window the hairdresser went on: " You see that motorcycle, run and follow it. It is straight ahead". 

All I had to do was follow the motorcycle that had already disappeared out of my sight. While going out, I looked back to say: "Thank you for putting me on the right road!". Leaving his client, the hairdresser came out to tell me with an air of complicity: "I did not put you on the right road. I simply indicated you the right road".

A formidable precision which inspired me not only along my way but also in my conversation with the sick woman who was waiting for me.






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In the Plants Garden
jardin  It is an enchantment for me to wander through this wonderful garden in the heart of Paris: the flowers are beautiful, the birds think they are in paradise and the children play freely. 
While admiring all these beautiful things from the creation, I heard someone running behind me. I saw it was a woman. Breathless she said: "Do you recognize me?". Her face seemed familiar to me. Seeing my hesitation, she presented herself to me without delay. "My name is Emmanuelle Béart". How obvious! Who would not recognize the famous actress? We embraced on this unexpected meeting.
Emmanuelle Béart had taken a stand for the illegal refugees who had occupied St.Bernard Church. She had even accepted to sleep in the Church to prevent intervention by the police.  Eglise St. Bernard
Her compassion for the families and the children had touched the hearts of the illegal refugies.
"Come, I would like to present you to my husband and children". I then remembered what she had one day told me: "I became involved with the illegal refugees because I don't want my children criticizing me later for having done nothing".
Continuing on my way along the path edged with flowers, I was stopped by three women, pleased to shake my hand and to meet me in person. "We are Jews and we want Israel to cease war against the Palestinians. The big rally "Peace today" held in Tel Aviv was a great success".
I told them how joyful I was when I learned the famous singer Yaffa Yarkoni had taken a clear stand against war on the Palestinians. It justifies those who today refuse to serve on Palestinian territories.
"What is difficult for us, said the women, is that we do not agree with our families. It is a subject that brings anger!"



When life topples over

In a magnificient Parisian residence, I met a man lying on his bed. He greets me with a broad smile. Except for his head, the rest of his body is paralysed. What happened to him?

While paragliding from a mountain, he crashed against a rock. He was forty years old and his life toppled over. His wife, whom he adored and still does, died from cancer a short while after. The harshness of the events did not get the better of him. He fought for life and won the battle. From Marxist, he became Christian. His faith in Christ is absolutely serene.

We ate at the same table. In his wheelchair, we helped him to eat like a baby. The conversation went on without him showing any signs of impatience or stiffness. He never complained. On the contrary, he demonstrated the joy and peace inside him.

lumière  "I am lucky, he told me, to be able to live in my house, well surrounded and well looked after because I have money. I think of all those who have to be in insttitutions. I went through years of hardship before". 

Some time after, I could not refrain from writing him a letter thanking him for his account which is an inspiration to live.




Living in proximity

en Normandie  Near a small town deep in Normandy, there is a borough where many refugees live. Somebody had a great idea of creating a writer's workshop lead by a journalist. A group of refugee women agreed to be part of the project, despite their numerous occupations. They described their borough from the recollection of everyday events. 

Their success went beyond expectations. Not only a book was published successfully but solid friendly ties were formed between the families and this borough.

I was invited to meet the group. Coming off the train, the women from the writer's workshop were waiting at the train station. They guided me to their borrough telling me with passion and pride how the book was written. I took pleasure in listening to them. They formed a family.

After giving a speech in the town center, some women and their husbands wanted to spend the evening with me in. I was even more surprised when I arrived in this pub filled with young people! The pub manager was delighted to see me in. As for the young people, they recognized me with joy. Here I was shaking hands, sitting at their table, drinking beer and signing autographs…Their words had touched my heart.

I was thinking about the question that someone had asked during my speech: "What should be done to bring back the young people to the Church?" I had answered: "It is our duty to go where they are, where they meet, where they live and where they struggle". I did not imagine the truth of my words until I joined the young people in this pub.  là où ils vivent