Log-book: March 2002

  Two Tibetan nuns on campaign 
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The Bible

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Liberty for Tibet 
Two Tibetan nuns
on campaign 

An unusual audience was attending a conference of two Buddhist nuns in the Spiritan Chapel in Paris. They looked very young and fragile! But what a determination! What a spiritual strength! They were doing a long tour of Europe and the United States under the cover of Amnesty International.
In their country they courageously protested without violence against the Chinese presence, but they were put in prison, submitted to maltreatments, tortures, trials and finally sent to exile.

nuns Tibetan  These persons testify for hope in spite of their wounds. Their long suffering entitles them to speak.
I was full of admiration when listening to these two women; they are still fighting for their country; a country that is left without rights and religious freedom.

During the meeting we spoke about Ngawang Sangdrol, a 24 years old nun, in jail since ten years. She is the emblem of the Tibetan resistance against the Chinese oppression.
Some body asked: "What do you think about the Chinese?" " We have no resentment against them, they think they are right"






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Expulsion of families
au bord de la vie  The police have expulsed 17 families who illegally inhabited in a close down Clinical Center belonging to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris. The Police Administration did not propose any alternate lodging to them. They have just been allowed to sleep in sleeping bags on the pavement in front of the clinic, but they could not put tents to protect themselves from rain and wind and they could not use burners to keep themselves warm. 

The members of these families are in France legally and they have a job. They filled in forms to get lodging but without results. For years they have had to move from one place to another, with short-term housings, all terminating in the street.

There are 60 young ones among them, one is still breast feeding, it is night, and it is cold. I see on the other side of the street, beautiful buildings, behind the lightened windows I can imagine the comfort and the sweetness of a family life.

Few persons are interested by these people living in cardboard boxes and sleeping bags, except children who stop to look at them and ask:" Why are they here?" Then a woman arrives and says" I am living near by, I have a big apartment, as an emergency I can take 10 children with one adult, think about it" She is with a wonderful young boy who shows me his drawings. The offer of this woman is a light in the darkness of the indifference.



We loved you Juan

Cathédrale à Rennes  In the cathedral of Rennes, one can see on the coffin the remarkable photo of Juan. We are celebrating the death of Juan who hanged himself in prison with his belt. In a letter to his girl friend he wrote: " I have suffered too much, at 27 I cannot bare life anymore. " He wanted to die to get rid of this life but also to demonstrate that he exists, his desire for death expressed also a desire for living in another way. 

His family and his lawyer wanted me to celebrate his funeral and at the cathedral: " It is a way to rehabilitate Juan, the beauty of the celebration will recognized his dignity"

Juan left us as a wounded bird. He had suffered greatly. After an ill-treated childhood up to the age of 13, he came to France and had been welcomed in a family and friends. The love he received from them had developed the best of him.  oiseau blessé

We accompanied Juan till the cemetery of a small village, 30 km away from Rennes. As it is the custom, all the inhabitants were there. I recommended to God the one we loved.
Juan will rest for a short while in this Briton cemetery, later, according to his will, his friend will bring him back to Brazil, his native land.




symbole femmes en noir  Women in black 

Near by the forum of the Halles in Paris, in a crowded area, a demonstration of women in black clothes took place as usual. A silent demonstration, I joined it.

These women were standing in the cold winter for two hours. There were some people passing by who insulted them. I was admiring their courage and determination. At the same time, in Israel, other women in black were demonstrating at the known roadblocks where Palestinians have to be checked before going into Israel.

What were these women saying on their banners and pamphlets? : " Stop occupation of Palestinian territories by the Israeli Army" "Recognition of a Palestinian State aside a State of Israel"

This demonstration started in 1987 with the first Antifada, following the example of the "Fools of the square of May" in Argentina. It has inspired many demonstrations of solidarity in the world.  rassemblement silencieux

I remember participating to a demonstration with women in black in Belgrade during the war. They were demonstrating for Peace in front of the police.