Log-book: September 2001

  His name is Julien  Ten years after 
  Violence in Genoa  Unexpected meetings 
  In Fribourg Switzerland   
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Special Edition

His name is Julien

He is eighteen years old, the eldest of three children. He is coming back from training in Texas. His family owns a renowned vineyard.

In the beautiful family residence, Julien was found hanged in his room. He left this world with his secret. The pain is immeasurable. The grief for his family was unbearable.A month after the dramatic event, I went to see his father with a common friend. He was negotiating the sale of some famous wines with American customers.

look toward the infinite 

After visiting the cellars, we went to the family home. Julien's mum showed us some photographs of him. His last one, which I placed in my prayer book, Julien seems to look toward the infinite.

Through the vineyards we went to the cemetery leaning on a hill looking down the valley. The place is peaceful and of great beauty.

Facing the flourished tomb, we felt very close. After praying to God and Mary, I spoke to Julien: "Your departure has made your family distressed. Nothing is like before. You are opening to them a new path bringing more humanity".






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  Ten years after 
A couple that I married ten years ago invited me to spend an evening with them. I had not seen them since their marriage. With them I saw a little girl, curiously with some Asiatic features.

We spoke about these last ten years and about an event that has left a profound mark on them: "When we married, every thing looked bright. We could obtain all we wanted. But there was a thing that we did not foresee: the impossibility to have children. It was our first disappointment and difficult to stand. Eventually we became used to it and we decided to adopt a child.
Now we are very happy.
This child has changed our lives." 

change our live 




Violence in Genoa.  protest 

Agnes is an activist of the association Droit au Logement, DAL (Right for a Lodging); she went with other young activists to Genoa to protest against the liberal globalization.

new generation  Agnes belongs to this new activist generation of the international citizen movement, a ground swell of which the masters of the world are worried about. 

Agnes has been injured by the police assaults. Hospitalized in Genoa, she has been transported to the Salpetriere hospital in Paris. She cannot understand such unprecedented repression, with one death, more than six hundred wounded and several hundred of arbitrary arrests.

With their will to dramatize the Genoa demonstration, the G8 has become discredited. But the "after Genoa" is not yet finished!  Genoa demostration 



Unexpected meetings
meeting  Passing by Paris a Brazilian bishop wanted to see me. At the meeting time, he arrived at the Spiritan House where I live. His face was reflecting a great kindness. 

" In Brazil, he said, you are known. I saw you on the Television. I am pleased to meet you and to say: hold on. Keep going. You do the Church a good turn". These words gave me comfort.

I learned that this bishop was 94 years old! "I participated to the whole Ecumenical Council, and I have been converted by the Council. Having been elected vice-president of the Brazilian Conference of the Bishops I did all I could to implement the Council."

I was admiring his opening and his service to the Gospel.

Walking back with him to the next metro station, he left me with these words: "Hold on".

A few days later, thanks to some friends, the new Cardinal of Honduras wished to meet me.  

Cardinal O.A. Rodriguez - Honduras 
During these two days, within the praying atmosphere of the Roche d'Or House in Besancon, we lengthily talked together like brothers. The Cardinal was very interested in all I was doing and in the same time he was questioning himself about the way the persons in charge in the Church have handled my situation.


In Fribourg, Switzerland.

problems of the foreigners  On Pentecost Monday about forty people without legal permit entered and occupied the church of Saint Paul. 

Fifty days later, the committee set up to help them, invited me to give a lecture in the church when the negotiations with the authorities were at a dead end and when the Parish council were asking them to leave.

Fortunately, since the beginning, the Vicar was on their side. They heartily welcome me like a brother. With them it was like being with my family, with the feeling that I had always known them.

There were many people this day: priests, nuns, people coming from far away, young ones. The persons without legal permit also expressed themselves. Information has been given and actions were proposed.
The participants understood the human problems of the foreigners.

They were meeting the families, the children. They were seeing faces. The word of Jesus could find all its strength: "I was a stranger and you welcome me".  legal permit in Switzerland