Log-book: August 2001

  The welcome of a couple  A meeting with abbé Pierre 
  The eviction of families  The return of Georges Vimard 
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  History of Partenia, Biography of Bishop Jacques Gaillot 





Special Edition

The welcome of a couple

Madagascar  One evening I was invited by Monique and Denis. I did not know them. A young monastic from Croatia was coming with me, he was going to be a missionary in Madagascar. 

In fact the purpose of this visit was Madagascar. This country fascinates this couple. When I ask why, they quickly answer " The people". 

village en Madagascar 

Their old apartment was beautifully arranged with an interior garden and an old cellar in the basement. The Canadian television was looking for a place to make my interview during two mornings, I suddenly thought about this place and I asked the unexpected question. After a moment of surprise, Monique answered: "I will be on holidays", Denis not knowing yet what he will be doing, wisely said: " Tomorrow we will give you the answer" It was yes. The television team came putting their equipment every where in the apartment. Denis was helping. After the first television interview, he said: "I am going to join my wife on holiday, I leave you the house" He handed the keys to the cameraman with some usual instructions.
The Canadians were amazed. A French couple, whom they did not know, left their apartment to their disposal. For them it was extraordinary!






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Abbé Pierre 
A meeting with
abbé Pierre. 
The Canadian television was insisting on having both of us for a common broadcast transmission. It was held in the Spiritan House, Lhomond street in Paris. It is always a pleasure to meet abbé Pierre. In spite of his 89 years old, he keeps a vivid spirit and a good memory of the events. 

à la télévision 

The interview lasted about one hour. I was moved when abbé Pierre presented his recent personal experience: " I was in Madagascar, when a tornado devastated the country. In the lower parts of Tananarive, I saw misery that I have never seen in my life! It was horrible. I almost blasphemed. I made God responsible. Why let such a misery exist? I have not lost my faith but after this drama, I felt obliged to live my faith in another way".

It is a moving testimony, that of a man who accepts to be questioned by life and who continues to go further.



stop expulsion  The eviction of families 

70 families were evicted by the police from Place des Vosges (Voges Square or plaza?) under the request of the Mayor of Paris to leave room for an exhibition of lavender! Since then these families are evicted every day by the police from all the places they try to settle. Talks have occurred with the City Hall, the Minister of Lodging, the district, but the problem of housing cannot be solved.

To stop the families to wander into Paris, we wanted to occupy an empty building.

immeuble en France  On a Sunday, with the Association for Housing Rights, we occupied with the families a building of the Health Service.  

A magnificent building of the 17th century, built at that time for housing the poor! We stood there several hours in the inner yard, at the bottom of this building empty since several months.
The Director of the Health Service came to the place. We asked him to open the building for housing these families until they obtain a lodging. The Director refused because "this building has to be respected"… Then he called the police and we were surrounded by a great many of them.

I was with Professors Jacquard and Schwartzenberg. Once more we were evicted when the families were going to continue to wander in the streets of Paris!



The return of Georges Vimard
It is a joy to welcome the first priest "Fidei donum" who spent six years in Palestine. At several instances on the Partenia web site, Georges gave his view and experience about the Palestinians in Gaza territory. He gave the story of the revolt of the young Palestinians who are now a part of his life.

I was pleased to listen to Georges, his mind and heart full of this people of Gaza. I do not welcome only a friend but also some body having a specific missionary experience.
Betlehem  The experience of the Church which is in Palestine. This experience will be profitable for the Church which is there. 
This exchange from a Church to another Church will show the dynamism of the Gospel. Why not rejoice in thinking of all who are going to benefit from it?  dynamisme