Log-book: June 2001

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Special Edition

"Children from Chernobyl" Congress International 

In Byelorussia 

I was invited to an International Congress in Minks on:"Children from Chernobyl". Metropolitan Filaret, a Pastor, an Orthodox priest and myself gave a speech.

Pendant la conférence 

Invité à Minsk, en souvenir de 15ieme anniversaire du désastre de Tchernobyl 

The Congress was commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Its consequences are still there, young handicap people in their wheel chairs are evidence that the Chernobyl disaster is not over.

The audience after respectfully listening to the round-table speeches seemed satisfied and did not ask any question. We had only some testimonies and information.
Surprised and disappointed I asked to the person responsible for the round-table: "Why has there been no discussion after the speeches?" He answered: "In Byelorussia we have to be careful, we have a police State. We don't have a culture of debate like you, we listen and we keep our questions to ourselves".

victimes de Tchernobyl  Jacques Gaillot avec les handicapés de Tchernobyl 

Truly there exists a hidden dictatorship in this country. How can you discuss when there is no democracy?






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Bob Marley  Bob Marley  Flag of Jamaica 
When traveling in foreign countries, sometimes I am stricken by the photo of Bob Marley on the wall of my room. This tells the importance of this Reggae star, the young idolize him, he died of cancer just twenty years ago.
I came to know Bob Marley at the jail in Evreux. His photo was on prisoner cell walls. Some prisoners were wearing a tee shirt of their idol. They let me listen to his captivating music. They lent me a tape of his songs to be acquainted with them.
 Bob Marley in concert I still remember how they admired him. "It is a Messie, a Prophet of peace. It is thanks to him that I can tolerate the prison. He is fighting with us. He has the same role than Jesus has for you" 
Still today, Bob Marley is a representative figure for non-violent actions in favor of the liberation of the black people.



At the
"Mie de pain" Center 

sans abris dans la salle d'attente! 

Mie de Pain (dough of bread) is a well-known charitable Association in Paris to feed and to take care of the vagrants. A hundred of them, some without a permit to stay in France, had peacefully occupied the Center. The Director deserved the credit of not calling the police to expulse them.

Sans-papiers à Paris  They are young and come from Morocco, Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Lithuania … and most of them from Algeria. What did they want? They wanted a decent and permanent lodging, and an investigation of their requests. 

I spent the afternoon with them in a big room in the basement. The daylight never reaches there, like an authentic jail, with no other place to go. The dormitory is only opened at night. Some were so tired that they were sleeping on the benches. In the afternoon an association brought some food, having eaten nothing since the morning this was appreciated. Among the all-going I saw a youth unfolding his little carpet to start to pray, as he was alone. Having just finished, another one took his place. He prays with his body without paying attention to the noise. Close by on the wall there is a large cross.

All these Moslems endeavor to practice their religion. They don't drink alcohol, are careful about their food. Religion is for them an identity, a recognition that society is refusing to give them.
A Committee for helping them was quickly set up and a demonstration was planned at the Town Hall of Paris.




Flag of Quebec  In Quebec 

Robert Jolicoeur is a well-known vicar in Quebec; he was ready to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his ordination in Sherbrook. His friend insisted that I come to the celebration. It will be for Robert a gift from heaven, they said!

à Sherbrook 

Jacques Gaillot et Robert Jolicoeur à Sherbrook, avril 2001 

They were all belonging to the group "Evangelization 2000" A few years ago a young layman felt the need to propagate the Gospel through the media to be able to reach the people, where they are including the young. That was the beginning of "Evangelization 2000", an initiative coming from ordinary people, full of potential in spite of the difficulties. A team has been formed, with all its members well bound together, and eager to communicate their faith to Christ on TV and on the radio.

During my short visit to Quebec, it was a joy to be associated to their action, to their passion.
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