Log-book: May 2001

  The Basque country  A call for help 
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  In Bavaria   
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Special Edition

The Basque country  la Ville Vitoria - Espagne 

I was invited at the University of Mondragon in Vitoria and Bilbao region in Spain. It is a place of high technology industries, a rich region where people like to speak Basque; they defend heartily and actively the Basque cause.

L'Université de Mondragon  In front of the University there are big banners inviting people to participate to a one-day strike in the next few days. The purpose is political; the students spread out these banners. They are activists. The director does not interfere. 

The priests are very open minded and they fraternally welcome me. They are close to their people.
The problem of the violence is a concern for all of them and fear also. Speaking in the presence of the former Bishop of San Sebastian, I cannot refrain myself to speak about the non-violence, non-violence demonstrates the strength of the one who is not afraid, and it releases you from the ghetto of fear. Non-violence is like rays of sunshine: with its rays, it lights up and warms up the entire world without discrimination.

parler de la non violence 






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Appel de détresse  A call for help 
Sometimes it happens that I am stopped in the street by people asking me to pray for some of their relatives in danger.
This time it was a man about 40 years old. He asked to speak to me for a short while. He was looking very sad, he showed me the Marie Curie Hospital near by and said: "My wife is there with a cancer, she is going to die soon. I have a 7years old son"
He had to stop speaking because he was starting to cry. I could see how he loved his wife and his son. I understood how his life was going to turn upside down. I listened to him with compassion.
He spoke again: "I don't know if I believe but I ask you to pray for my wife"
I might never see that man again but he is part of my prayer with his wife and his son.



To speak

Within two weeks I went to three meetings in Paris: a Palestinian meeting at the Nation square, an Iranian one, at Trocadero square and a Tunisian meeting near Beaubourg Center. All places where a lot of people are passing by.  participer aux manifestations 

Whoever they are, Palestinians, Iranians or Tunisians, they are all resistant since a long time. They denounce the attacks against the Human rights in their country.

invité à prendre la parole  I was asked to speak, as often I am, to people who have nothing to do with the Churches. 

I have the chance to openly speak to the conscience of the people, to the heart of those having problems.




une ambiance de fête  Success 
Saïd took the initiative to report about his city where he grew up: the Val Fouré near Paris.

Quartier sans poésie  This suburb, sadly enough, has a bad reputation. With the photos he was showing with a good humor this suburban area that is lacking of poesy, of dream and art-de-vivre together. 

The exhibition took place in Paris in the theater named "The golden hand". Young North Africans and Africans came in great number. Saïd and a group of musicians made an ambiance of feast. A bar and a buffet seemed to be more attractive than the photos…
Seeing me, Saïd left his musical instrument and came to greet me. He is very pleased to see me coming. He showed me his photo exhibition; he introduced me to all his friends and stopped in front of his father sitting at the bottom of the room. His father is happy and proud of his son. His son has succeeded: he came to Paris, he managed to make himself a place.
I am also proud for Saïd; he did not forget his humble origins, neither his city so run down nor the young having a hard time. His success is not acquired to the detriment of others.




In Bavaria 

Amberg en Bavière 

There has been an evening conference with the adults. There has been a morning conference with the young students. It was good!

au Lycée d'Amberg 

As I was just coming back from Gaza Territory I could not stop myself from speaking about what I saw and what I heard there. I felt the sensitivity of the young towards the tragedy of the whole population of the occupied Territory. Their questions clearly showed that they felt citizens of the world. They feel concerned and they understand that the planet has become a whole village.

au dialogue avec les étudiants 

A student asked me if I ever become discouraged. I said yes. They are unbearable and unfair situations where nothing changes. But I am thankful for belonging to several associations where every body is not discouraged at the same time. Each time I feel letting down my burden, another one comes along. It is important not to be alone. Hope is carried on together.