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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

North Korea has proceeded to a new provocation in performing an underground nuclear test. How should the international community react?
mepris Among the hypocrite protests of the international community, they are those from the United States and France. Is the Korean bomb more dangerous than theirs? The United States were the first to make use of an atomic bomb. 
And France did not bother to make nuclear tests in the Pacific without regards to the population of the islands without taking care of the international opinion. We cannot give any lesson. The bomb that is in the hands of the dictator in Pyongyang is as dangerous than the one possessed by other countries. I am for the total ban of the nuclear weapons whoever has it. The unanimous condemnation by the Security Council of the UNO is an important step.
As it happens often the first victims are the civilian populations… How to get out of this dilemma without helping a dictatorial regime?
malnutrition The North Korea population suffer regularly of hunger. One third of the children are not fed properly. 
There is an army of one million soldiers for a population of 23 millions! The budget for the defence is enormous. This nuclear test is extravagant for this country.

It is a headlong flight of the dictatorship. The international sanctions can be diplomatic, financial or commercial especially for weapons or luxury products, without an embargo on the necessary food for the population. 


In France the ex-squatters of Cachan (a suburb of Paris) have finally found a lodging. Some mediators, of which the President of SOS racism, said that some leftist associations have used for themselves the problems of the immigrants without documents to show they are existing, that without them the solution would have been found quicker. What do you think about these accusations on associations with which you are often seen?
First it is important for me to know what the foreigners without documents in Cachan thought and said. They were well organized. The women had their delegates and spokeswoman, the same for the men. The hunger strikers had also their spokesman. They held assemblies with debates. It was the immigrants without documents who were deciding and nobody else. 

prendre la décision

To say the contrary is to be unfair with them. For instance they were not afraid to refuse the proposals made by the mediators when they did not correspond to what had been previously agreed.

grêve de la faim The spokesman of the hunger strikers requested to see me to know what I thought: " should we stop the hunger strike after 43 day long and accept to go to hospital? We ask you because we feel confident in you. You are a man of God, you are not a politician". 

Interview by Olivier Galzi