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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

What do you think about the controversial sentences pronounced by Benedict XVI at Regensburg?
Pape Benoît XVI The Pope has sown anger in the Moslem world and he is harvesting a storm. I found his words unfortunate and embarrassing. They are seen as an attack on Islam. 
Almost everywhere on the planet the Moslem world is feeling humiliated, harassed and besieged. They are very sensitive; they strongly react when they see a public criticism of Islam, a criticism coming from the Western world. This has already been seen for the cartoons of Mahomet.
In the citation of the Greek Emperor given by the Pope, one of my friends had the idea to replace Mahomet by Jesus. This gives; " Show me what Jesus brought as new, you will find only evil and inhuman things such as the defence by the sword of the faith that they preach." Would the Christians feel offended?
Even if it was a "citation", is it appropriate for the Pope to speak of the violence of Islam?
I don't think so. We should stop to speak about the religion of the others when they are not there. The Catholic Church has no lesson to give to Islam. It has itself a heavy past of violence.
dialogue interreligieux For a dialogue between religions the condition is that none of them should have a superiority feeling towards the others. If we want to disarm God, we start by disarming ourselves. 
Some observers see in these events a proof that the wars of religion are still a wound not yet healed and ready to re-open…what do you think?
Some reprisals have already started. I am worried for the Christian minorities in Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan… There is a risk that they will pay for these words. 

long chemin

Regarding the dialogue between Islam and Christianity, it will not make things easier. There is still a long way to achieve respect and esteem for each other. If the religions cannot manage to make peace between each other, how can the world reach for peace?
Interview by Olivier Galzi