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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

What do you think of the "re-opening" of what can be called the war in Lebanon?
acte criminel It is a criminal action, contrary to the Geneva conventions, a violation of humanitarian rights, a collective punishment of the Lebanese people. This colonial war deserves a firm condemnation.
I do not forget Gaza submitted to continuous bombing and to murderous commando actions of the Israeli army.
If the protection of the northern Israeli population is legitimate, what do you think of the means used by Israel?
If you want security, you try to make peace not war. This supposes to negotiate with the Palestinians, the Syrians and the Lebanese.
réfguies Since a long time, it is known what has to be negotiated: the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the occupied territories, the evacuation of the Golan and the Chebaa farms, the dismantling of the colonies, the question of the refugees' right to return, the question of the water, the sharing of Jerusalem, the liberation of war prisoners.  
There are more than 8 000 Palestinian prisoners including hundreds of women and children, dozens of Lebanese of which is a communist activist, Samir, in jail since 25 years.

To choose war instead of political negotiation could lead to a dead end. We have not yet seen an army winning against a guerrilla. 


Once more the international community has proved to be unable to solve the conflict. Why such an incapability?

réclame la condamnation The goal of the White House is to build a "Grand Middle East" and to establish with the Israeli government the conditions for a change in the region. Who is against it? I see there a reason for an incapability of the international community. 

Interview by Olivier Galzi