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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

The whole world talk about the impulsive header of Zidane, what do you think?
Zinedine Zidane I regret this header. To verbal violence Zidane replied with physical violence. This often happens in ordinary life at an individual level as well as the level of a population. Violence responds to violence. I would rather have seen Zidane talking with the man who insulted his mother and his sister rather than to fight him. 
Like in 1998, a mixed team of black, white and North African men have been seen in France as a dream of unity. Do you think that this feeling will last or will it just vanish in a few months time like 8 years ago?
équipe français The blue team gave us the happy dream of believing in a successful future The French heartily approved this mixed team as a possibility to be enriched by the differences of the others. Tolerance is welcoming and respecting the other. We only become a person by meeting the others, without exclusion of any of them. 

Having lived this time of excitement will certainly help us to believe that our future will not be built without our brothers from the immigration. The future of France and Europe is an intermix of people, don't you think?
The football world cup is certainly the most followed event in the world. Almost two-third of the humanity assembled for the final! Do you think that it is useful? Is football the "opium" of the people or can it lead to a better national even international political conscience?
The see the human family united around a single event seems to me prodigious. Thanks to the progress of technology. I was in Montreal during the final. The ambiance was exceptional!

ambiance exceptionelle The great saga of the world cup is not opium for the people. It is a gathering for a fair, a dream for opening the future. Some people recovered a national pride.
Above all we learn how to become a citizen of the world with the conscience of our planet.

I was telling to an African Archbishop coming to Paris: " I would have liked that an African team won the world cup," He answered back without hesitation: " As long as we do not get the financial support, we cannot win."
Interview by Olivier Galzi