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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

Is the death of Zarkaoui (head of Al Qaida in Iraq) a sign of victory for the policy against terrorism of the United States?
Certainly it is. It is a political success for the American government; Zarkaoui was the number one enemy. But cannot he be the winner? This warrior for Allah has succeeded in the struggle he wanted to lead in Iraq against the Americans and the Shiites.
He has been recognized by Bin Laden as chief of the operations in Iraq and his death rewarded by 25 million of dollars by the United States. What an appreciation!
His elimination will not stop the violence. His successor and the supporters of a fundamentalist Islam are pursuing the struggle. Hate for the western world is their prayer book.

prison Guantanamo The anti-western propaganda could be defused by some actions: the closing of Guantanamo and the withdrawal of the American troops from Iraq, 
What to think about the United States proposal to directly discuss with Iran about the issue of their nuclear power?
Teheran It is a pleasant surprise. The about-turn of Washington proves that a negotiation is feasible after 26 years of diplomatic rupture. This American initiative is changing the cards. It is not a policy of leniency. Iran cannot stays isolated; its own interest is to renew the dialogue. To lift the American sanctions is necessary for its trade. 

Dialogue and negotiation prevail over force and threat. Is it not in the interest of the people to give peace a chance? In watching the world cup football in Germany, how can we not understand that people of the world need to meet, share and exchange? 

chance pour la paix

What do you think that a woman (Ségolène Royal) can be in a dominant position in the Gallup for Presidency in France?
I do not like the word "dominate"; it often includes a violence applied to the others, the power imposed to them. There is no hierarchy of value between humans.
The fact that a woman can outclass all the other candidates from the left who are old hands in politics, pleases me. It is a cultural change that knocks over the old habits and points of view.

Ségolène Royal I would have been content if Ségolène Royal would have made clear that she is against the new law on immigration and would have denounced the unfair project to expulse children in their school years because their parents have no documents. 

Interview by Olivier Galzi