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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

The French government is in the middle of a storm due to the Clearstream scandal. What do you think about it?
I think of the shipwrecked men of "the raft of the Medusa" in the Gericault's painting at the Louvre or of the participants to a bad whodunit.

affaire d'Etat The President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Ministers of Interior and Defence are caught in the upheaval. It is an affair of State. We discover what means competition for power. To win the other must be eliminated. Every trick is allowed. 

As ordinary citizens we don't understand all that comes about of this scandalous affair. Once more the politicians do not serve the interest of the people but their own personal ambition.

This government has been repeatedly disapproved, in the streets, by ballot, yet stays in function without the confidence of the citizens.
There are so many urgent actions to be undertaken in France and in the world that need a strong stand and a firm commitment!

citoyens dans la rue

In the mean time Ségolène Royal is at the top of the Gallup for Presidency. The New York Times presented her on 6 pages under the title;" The first woman who has really a chance to compete for the Presidency of France". Why is she so suddenly popular?
femmes politique Ségolène Royal arrives at the right time. Women have the wind in their sails in politics. For the first time it is happening in South America as well in Africa and much closer to us in Germany. 
It is a sign of the times. In France like everywhere we want to change. Rather to find again the old hands in politics we have rather to turn towards a woman who incarnates the novelty. Women who give life might be more respectful of the life and the environment of the people!
In Bolivia, Evo Morales decided to nationalize Gas and Oil Companies without asking their wish to foreign companies with the risk to dry up international investments. What is your reaction?
The President of Bolivia spoke about it during his electoral campaign: he will grapple with the big oil trusts who for decades are stealing the resources of Bolivia, specifically water and gas. He kept his word. The new law states that all the gas reserves have to be under the control of the national company of Bolivia.

Twenty-six foreign companies, including Total (France) are established in Bolivia. This country has the second reserve of gas in South America after Venezuela. 

compagnies étrangères

The foreign companies have six months to sign the new contracts. They all expressed, at this moment, their wish to stay in the country.
This new law of nationalization should double the revenues of the States coming from gas.

sortir de la misère It is an historic event. If the President succeeds, we have to see if the people from Bolivia will benefit of it to get out of poverty. 
Interview by Olivier Galzi