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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

After the important demonstrations that have happened all over France, the power of the people has overcome the power of the politicians: the now known CPE (contract of first employment) has been abandoned. Looking back how do you see this crisis?
Beyond their opposition to the CPE, the youth and the salaried workers who demonstrated in the streets were opposed to a liberal economic system that produces precarious jobs. 

dans la rue

Workers are becoming like raw material that you can throw away and bury like radioactive waste. The youth feel well the inhuman consequences of a liberal economy. Is not their reaction prophetic?

avenir de l'Europe Already the rejection of the European constitution by referendum in France had questioned the liberalism as a future for Europe. 
Both the riots in the suburbs or the student rebellion mean that the youth refuse a project of precarious jobs and a lack of future that the liberal economic system wants them to be locked up. The CPE has been withdrawn but the anger of the youth remains.
European Union hard press Hamas and set economic sanctions, what do you think?
Hamas has been democratically elected. Why not meet and negotiate with them?

élection démocratique By not doing it, it is the Palestinian democracy that is sanctioned.
In the territories still under occupation, the Palestinian people are asphyxiated. The Gaza strip is a great open-air jail.
 The EU should indeed hard press Israel State to not scorn the international law, not forget passed agreements and stop the dreadful bombardments and the punishing expeditions in Gaza.
You have celebrated Easter, the greatest Christian celebration. What is Easter for you?
réssurrection During Easter Eve, when we grant peace to each other, my neighbour turned towards me, looked at me and said with a strong conviction "Christ is risen" I answered: "It is true, Christ is risen".
It is really the meaning of Easter. Christ is risen in order that we have life. For always Easter is a transition from death to life. In spite of all uncertainty about the future of humanity and the whole Creation, the future is open. There is no fatality. The struggles for justice are not in vain. Man is a possibility.

The dawn of the resurrection will not have anymore a sunset. The resurrection will always shed light in every day of our life.