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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

Election of a native Indian in Bolivia is a turning point in the history of this country. What are your comments?
Evo Morales It is a victory of democracy. People have won. Dictatorship is gradually falling, in Latin America as elsewhere. 
Since the fall of the Berlin wall, there have never been so many men and women living in a democratic regime. The advance of democracy is a sign of our time. The election of a native Indian in Bolivia is an event. An Indian brings the hope of poor people. What a responsibility!

This election together with the anti-American politics of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela seems to be a return of ideology in Latin America. What do you think?
The great ideologies that should change the world died one after the other. Today we are fortunately more pragmatic. Since the world forum of Porto Allegre there is hope that another world is possible in which people will be directly associated with it. This is what is happening now in Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia. This will spread to other countries.
peuple boliviens How is it possible that people do not get the most of these huge amounts of natural resources? People have a miserable life when there are some who collect colossal fortunes! 
"Oil for the poor" of Hugo Chavez and "oil for the rich" of Gorges Bush is it the same fight?
Whatever the cause, oil seems today an essential political tool…
In the coming centuries, oil resources will be gone. Those who are rich today will be poor tomorrow. Then we have to bet on renewable resources of energy. We will have to change the way we live. 

ressource du pétrole

richesse naturelle
Today countries producing oil have their say, we need them.
They are rich but who benefits of this wealth? Before being a political arm, I believe that oil is a question of social justice. It is on this ground that we should act.


(Interviewed by Olivier Galzi)