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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

The centenary of the 1905 Law of separation between Church and State has been discretely celebrated in France. Some have reservation about it… and want to modify this law. What do you think?
séparation de l'Etat...
This law has been of great help for the Catholic Church. Let us keep it. What does the law say? " The Republic is responsible for the liberty of conscience. It protects the freedom of worship. It does not recognize neither employ nor finance any religion"


We should add that the State and the city councils are responsible for the maintenance of the cathedrals and churches that belong to the State. Since one century this is very valuable!
Depending on the circumstances, the application of the law has been relatively amenable.

The Catholic Church took a long time to be used to "laicity". It is like the story of an old couple with dangerous liaisons. Today they respect and appreciate each other. de l'Eglise

The new questions come from Islam.
Is the Islam of France compatible with laicity? It is not sure enough to say, it is necessary to examine the facts.
It will likely take quite some time to see the separation of the politics from the religion, the woman's status, and the marriage laws being compatible with the values of the Republic. It is a gamble.
At the end of the year, it is time for an evaluation of the last twelve months. What do you retain?
I will retain three events that deserve careful thought.

cyclone Several and devastating hurricanes occurred with a rare violence. There will be more due to the global warming. We have a responsibility. The future of our planet is ours. We have to urgently change our practice and our way of living. 

The wall of shame strongly penalizes Palestinians. Barbed wire walls in Ceuta and Melilla were at the origin of a terrible human drama. As if walls and enclosures can be sufficient in the long run to protect from humans! They have no future. One day they will have to be destroyed. It would be better to built bridges than walls that separate. 

clôture de barbelé

révolte des jeunes The suburban revolt in France is a strong signal for a society that ignores their inhabitants. Calm has return but not peace. Order is back but without justice. There is no future without the youth. 

What are your wishes for the readers of Partenia?
Peace, a peaceful Christmas. 


Perhaps you heard what happened in the refugee camp of Jenin? Ahmed, a 12 years old Palestinian, was playing in the courtyard of his home with gifts that he received for the end of Ramadan. By mistake Israeli soldiers took him as a target. He died in the hospital. His parents wanted to make a gift of their son's organs. "We want to address a message of peace to the Israeli society. The soldiers killed our son who was in good health. We want to give these organs to those who need them" Said his father.
And his mother added: "The receiver can be Palestinian or Israeli, it is not a problem for us. Two Jewish children and a young Druze girl received the lungs, the liver and the heart of Ahmed.
That gives us hope.

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year. 

(Interviewed by Olivier Galzi)