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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

Once again the news of the month brought us another natural disaster: 30 000 dead in Pakistan. This series lead people to think more and more " something is going wrong" or " the planet is not turning right." Behind this they think: " nature is taking revenge" and "a judgment is coming" it may even be the last judgment. What do you think about these statements? Don't you feel that it is a coming back of the notion of a God all powerful and out of our reach?
These statements are not realistic neither helpful for the future and I don't see at all the idea of a God resurfacing again.
There have always been earthquakes, but in our days we see almost on live what is happening. This urges us to be more responsible.
détresse We know that Kashmir is prone to earthquakes that need to be better detected, houses (specially schools) should be well built enough to resist these quakes and relief squads should be able to act to reach these places. It is also a pressing invitation to respect nature by reducing the production of gas with greenhouse effect.  
Once more this disaster led to a formidable surge of international solidarity including India helping their Pakistan enemies. Is not it a sign of hope? Would you think that an immense distress could promote the feeling of belonging to a same planet based on human values like compassion, charity and generosity?
Effectively people who are enemies are capable to help and speak to each other. They bury the hatchet of war to become for a while fraternal friends. But planetary compassion and charity are not enough. The first is justice. The poor of the world ask justice for their rights that are constantly obliterated. 

un moment solidaire

This month we saw this dramatic expulsion of African immigrants handcuffed and driven by bus to be later abandoned into the desert. Morocco does not want to solve the problem of immigration in Europe on its own…Europe does not seem to react. Where are the responsibilities and solutions?
migrants africans This image is unbearable: a few hundred of migrants are deported in the desert and left without food and help. How can we not denounce this inhuman and shameful treatment? 

With several non-governmental organizations we ask the EU to stop financing the repression against the migrants and not to give Morocco 40 million of Euros in exchange of "a strong and true action against clandestine immigration".

We ask Spain to give up the building of shameful walls around the Ceuta and Melilla enclosures and to admit all those who survived. 

mur de la honte

We ask Morocco to stop repressions, arrests and expulsions of the migrants.
We ask UNO to set up a panel to enquire how the rights of the migrants have been preserved and who were responsible for the offences and deportations in the desert and for non-assistance of persons in danger.
(Interviewed by Olivier Galzi)