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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

The tragedy in New Orleans showed to the face of the world an aspect of the United States unknown to many: some extreme poverty and a lack of organization. Did these images surprise you?
drame de la Novelle Orléans When I saw on the television all these devastations they seemed to me to happen in another country than United States. I discovered an unusual America: a country with poor black people. 
During the September 11 attack, all were equal in front of the death. Before and during Katrina, the Whites had more chance to escape than the Blacks. The most powerful country in the world could not deal with this disaster. It can coordinate humanitarian actions at the other end of the world but it was powerless in New Orleans to a point to accept help from other countries!
Katrina disaster has given a face to the 37 millions of American citizens living in poverty. It is a strong message to those who make decisions in this country.
It just happened that the United States announced their return to the moon. Do you think that it is a way to cling to the glorious image of a powerful America? Are these 104 billions of dollars reserved to another mission to the moon well spent?
When New Orleans is still flooded I don't think it is the right time to impress people by making an announcement that I consider like an insult to the poverty. To show to the American people that their country can still do this kind of great achievement is a way to distract our attention from the tragedy lived by the poor.
One always gets money to go to the moon or to make war. But there is none if one wants to build housing, schools, hospitals… more so to develop healthcare insurance for every body. 

drame des pauvres

You just had a trial where you were accused of accepting a paedophile priest in your previous diocese without due consideration of his past already known to you. At the end of the trial you expressed excuses and recognized your mistake. What did you learn from this experience?
First I learn the importance of a trial. It allows the judges to examine and clarify some complex situations. It is important for every body.

proteger In our days there is a great sensitivity about paedophilia. Civil society is helping us to put our priority on children and young ones. They have to be protected first and not the paedophile adults. 

Almost 20 years ago, it was another time. It was different. When the person in charge from Quebec gave to me his approval to receive one of his priests, I did not know that he was a paedophile. I learned it only later. Today the law of silence is over in the Church. This new practice is doing its way. It is good.
(Interviewed by Olivier Galzi)