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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

The terrorist attacks in London are a turning point in the international terrorism (the presumed terrorists were British citizens). How do you understand this evolution?
attentat Terrorism is in progress. Its network is spreading and it has his roots in Europe. We see young British from Pakistani origin, the second generation of immigrants, becoming kamikazes. They can strike on the British ground.  
They are ordinary citizens, they live like any body. They are trained and financed by agents from abroad. The enemy is among us. The war in Iraq contributes to fuel up terrorism.

The presumed terrorists are members of the Pakistani community. The technique they used (kamikaze) reminds us of the Jihad in the Middle East. Are we going to a war of religions all other the world?
invisible Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism are certainly today the two most important scourges of humanity. They are against freedom and democracy, against the development of poor countries. Their claims have no limit. We are potential targets.
We have to face this threat.
Look at the election of the new president of Iran. Things are clear there and we cannot close our eyes. Nothing good can come from evil. The international community should not indulge into a dangerous politic of compliance toward Iran. What a waste of time! Iran is a threat for the western world. We let the most dangerous weapon, the nuclear weapon, into the hands of the most dangerous country!

What is the best way, according to you, to fight against this terrorist scourge?
We will be no more secure by sending soldiers to make war or having a more military controlled society. It is not in preparing war that we will get peace.
Anti-terrorist laws, as useful as they are, will not be sufficient either.

intégration Lets take the example of the Pakistani community, so large in England. They have an unemployment rate the double than the rate of the rest of the country. The problem of their social integration has existed for a long time. There have been several riots in the past. Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism grow on a background of injustice and poverty. 
Military expenses in the world exceed 1000 billion dollars. Less than 20% of them will be enough to give to every human being his fundamental rights. Following the Movement for Peace: "A world with more justice, more respectful of the international right is the most efficient answer to all fundamentalisms"
(Interviewed by Olivier Galzi)