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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

The European constitution has been rejected in France and in the Netherlands. It was your wish. Do you feel some responsibility that these two referendums could mean the end of the idea of a European Community?
I am pleased by this negative vote.
It is an historic vote; it gives hope for a Europe with more solidarity. 

autre avenir pour Europe

The people of France have decided. They do not accept to be deprived of the control of their future. The project of the European constitution is dead and this vote has to be respected. It is not simply a stop. It is the foundations for building Europe that are at stake.
What is there in common between the NO of Mgr. Gaillot and the ones of JM Lepen (extreme right), Mrs Laguiller (extreme left) or Mr de Villiers (sovereignty activist)? Are you not disturbed by this de facto alliance?
The "no" has been chosen by a majority of French people.
A great part of the working class who are suffering of the liberal economy of the European Union and France has voted "no".
protestation A majority of the younger generations have voted "no". I am sensitive to the protest of the unemployed workers and to their precariousness. My solidarity is with them and it should not be considered as a de facto alliance with politic leaders from the extreme right or left parties. 

5 hours after the official result of the referendum in France, the Chinese government announced that he was not going to increase taxes on exported textiles while suppressing taxes on other categories of textiles. This decision should accelerate the invasion of Chinese textiles on the world market and thus in Europe. Is it not the sign that a divided Europe is a less respected Europe? Is it not proof that a larger grouping of countries can handle the problems raised by the globalisation of the economy (transfer of Companies abroad, loss of jobs, unfair competitiveness)?
I noticed that an announced apocalyptic event did not happen 5 hours after the "no". The danger does not come only from China; it is already in the social degradation, in the breaking up of the code of employment, the public services and transportation…
The primacy of a "free and not bias competition", the absolute absence of control on capital movements, on goods and services, have the consequence that more and more men and women are being brought in exclusion. They are "in excess".

pour justice sociale On May 29, the French people did request a social Europe, respectful of the environment, and with more concern for the countries of the South. They want a Europe built on justice and solidarity. 

The movement "Attac" said rightly: " There will be no social justice without a fair taxation". We should request the end of tax heavens and legal exemptions. There are a dozen of them in Europe.
(Interviewed by Olivier Galzi)