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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

What is your opinion about Pope Benedict XVI a month after his election? Can you already give an opinion?
I am not paying too close attention to the saying and actions of the pope. My eyes are not turned toward the Vatican: a new pope does not change my life or my concrete duties toward the people.
However by reading the press, I noticed three things during this month.
First an American cardinal, William Levada, was assigned as prefect for the faith. He has the reputation of being a conservative: was it not he who declared that voting for the democrat senator John Kerry was a sin? Then an expeditious procedure for beatification of John-Paul II has been engaged and during a sermon the firm recall of the moral values for life. 

William Levada

Nothing new in that, except that we can foresee a conservative orientation for this pontificate. The outlook does not seem in favour of progress and reforms.
How do you receive the European constitutional treaty? How are you going to vote?
I appreciate that we can give our point of view like ordinary citizens. Our opinion is rarely asked on such an important decision for the future of Europe and our country.
constitution européenne There has been a great democratic discussion for the European constitutional treaty at every level. The excitement came from the close scoring for the "yes" and the "no". 
During a peaceful and friendly meal I raised the question: "What about the referendum, what are you going to vote? Immediately I was asked: " and you?" I answered that I will vote "no". Every body was amazed! A passionate discussion got started!
The reading of this ultra-liberal constitutional treaty convinced me that if being adopted, our future would be blocked. It will never be possible to reverse its content of liberalism. If the "no" wins, it will have to be renegotiated. Then I see a chance for Europe, for a social Europe.
But is not Europe a warrant for peace? A chance for the future? Can you give your reasons for voting "no"?
réferendum It is proposed an ambitious project for defence. A powerful Europe has to be armed with the corresponding budget. For the arms there will always be money. 
I remember the old saying," If you want peace, prepare war" For a long time I am an activist for peace and disarmament, I cannot agree. Peace will spring from justice not from the power of our arms.

Regarding the politics of immigration, it is repressive: increase of the controls at the boundaries, mastering of the immigration movements…We know that in France since a long time, these repressive measures have solved nothing but they have been a source of much suffering for the immigrants.  


(Interviewed by Olivier Galzi)