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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

We have seen at the Pope's death a fervour and a strong interest in the media for the event. Some have criticized this interest…is it only explained by the personality of John-Paul II?
Jean Paul II et Gorbatschow John-Paul II was an impressive man. In him the man did outdistanced his function. He was a Pope who went beyond the boundaries of the Catholic Church to reach human beings. 
His gifts for the media world did extraordinary well. In all his travels he made contact with the people. At the time of his death, many thought that it was their turn to come to him. The liturgy of the funerals, with its sacred rites, was held on Saint Peter's square and brought a kind of fascination. For this striking event, the human community was allowed to fraternize for a short moment. It was a ceremony that gave to this crowd without boundaries the joy of getting together.
Such a planetary event is rare, a sport event or the Church can only give this opportunity to humanity today.
We saw this unbelievable image: three American Presidents (Bush, father and son, with Clinton) kneeling by the remains of the dead Pope… Georges W Bush a protestant and President of the most powerful country in the world! This image is a major historic event, how can it be explained?
It was really astonishing, something never seen before. When Georges Bush was kneeling by the coffin of the deceased Pope, I was thinking that he could say to himself:" How this Pope could have gathered more people than I? How his influence has been greater than mine? How his speech could have reached so many young throughout the world? And …I am the President of the most wealthy nation and the most powerful!"

trois présidents - USA 

The three kneeling Presidents could have thought and recognized for a short while that power was about to serve not to dominate, that the power of a country could not come from his army or its nuclear weapons and that the wealth of a nation could be an insult to the misery of people from other nations.
When this interview will be published we will know the name of the new pope… What is your ideal portrait for a successor to John-Paul II?
Great hope has been expressed for the new pope. The choice of a pope of transition and aged will be disappointing. The legacy of John-Paul II will not be easy to assume. If the new pope comes from Europe, he will be compared to his predecessor. If he comes from another continent, it will be another matter. He will not be object of comparison.
Benoit XVI I would like that we could say of the new pope "He is the hope of the poor" If he is the advocate of the poor, he will know how to reform the Church with liberty. 
For me I will welcome in faith the pope from the conclave as the successor of Peter, the pope that God gives today to his Church and to the world.
(Interviewed by Olivier Galzi)