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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot








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Three questions….to Jacques Gaillot

The whole word is concerned about the Pope's health. Many were shocked… on seeing the Pope unable to give his blessing from the window of the hospital. Do you think that he should continue his functions at any cost when clearly he does not seem to benefit from his whole capacities?
Jean Paul II This vision did shock. Why show the Pope at the hospital window when he is unable to speak and give his blessing?
Naturally rumours about his dismissal are circulating. The decision belongs only to him, to his conscience.

In Rome we are already in the after John-Paul II period. Struggles for influence have already started. A bad atmosphere prevails.
John-Paul II himself will be always faithful till the end. But still we may ask the question: will he be serving the Church better if he resigns or if he stays in charge? I think if he resigns.
Elections in Iraq were well attended by the people. Of course the Shiites who outnumber in Iraq got the majority at the election. According to you, would you say that it is a victory for the Iraqi people or a victory for the Americans?
The victory of the Iraqi people cannot be denied. With dignity, they showed that they were not afraid. They defied the threat and the risk of attacks. It is a superb lesson of courageous public spiritedness and democracy.

election en Irak
For the first time in decades, the Iraqis were able to vote.


In spite of the occupation, they showed their will to decide by themselves their destiny.
It is also a victory for the Americans. The elections happened at the preset date. They demonstrated the success of democracy and the terrorists were disowned.
Now the journalists have become the target of choice to be taken for hostages in Iraq. President Chirac recommended that the French media not to send reporters to Iraq. What should be the response of the international media?
If reporters are prevented to go to Iraq, we have to accept not being informed. People are left to face the violence alone. We play the same game as the terrorists who refuse the presence of the journalists of the west because they are not serving their cause.

en otage 

The risks of being a reporter are high, but isn't it a greater risk to forbid them to go where a nation is in danger?

(Interviewed by Olivier Galzi)