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Three questions…. to Jacques Gaillot




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Three questions…. to Jacques Gaillot

On last August, Cardinal Ratzinger, head of the congregation for the Faith, wrote about" The collaboration of men and women in the Church and in the world". The Vatican raised the voice against feminism and homosexuality. What do you think about the way the Church of the 21st century acknowledges the role and the position of women ?
In regards to the doctrine, I do not see any change. The doctrine is reaffirmed. Cardinal Ratzinger described relatively accurately the actual situation of women today.

aucun changement

He pointed out the dangers of willing to ignore the differences between genders or on the contrary of exemplifying their rivalry. 

However the gap is still widening between the traditional positions of the Church and the significant cultural changes observed in our societies. There is a breach of culture because the modernity is not accepted.
In a traditional family, men prevail on women, parents on children, and heterosexuals on homosexuals.
In a democratic family, these three inequalities gradually tend to disappear: each individual is considered as a person in himself. The affirmation of the autonomy of the individual, written in the Law, has radically changed the traditional landmarks of life in society.

égalité The Roman Catholic Church certainly recognizes the dignity of women, but it does not recognize their full equality inside its institution. Gender cannot be a source of inequality. Women have still not the right to be ordained. 
What do you think about the piety for Mary as developed by John-Paul II?
During his pontificate, the Pope has restored the piety for Mary: at the occasion of many pilgrimages around the world, in his writing (I am thinking about the enlightening mysteries added to the rosary) and in his preaching. Rarely a Pope has shown such great piety for Mary!
This development of the cult for Mary seems too much for me. It does not help the unity between Christians. Our Protestant brothers do not understand our piety for Mary. At the occasion of the visit of the Pope to Lourdes, they expressed this difference from us.

Marie In the Bible, Mary has her own place, all of it, but it is said with so much discretion and simplicity! The unity of the Christians has to be made around Christ. 
During his visit to Lourdes, the Pope said: "Fight for your liberty" and he pleaded for" a respect for all life". This was understood as another opposition to abortion and euthanasia. How did you understand it?
I understood it as a call for resistance. Christians are invited to enter into resistance. In a materialist and secular society, they have to oppose every thing that does not respect human life. They are free men and women, able to disobey.
I am sensitive to a speech promoting resistance and disobedience! It is so rare in the Church!
Usually the Church authorities request to obey and to be submitted to established powers. Why not extends this call for resistance to other domains?

(Interviewed by Olivier Robert)