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Three questions…. to Jacques Gaillot

Activists opposed to transgenic crops gathered on July 25 in Haute Garonne, France, to cut genetically modified corn plants in open fields. You already participated in such actions. Can you explain your involvement in this non-violent battle?

Twice I was asked to join a group of activists to remove transgenic rapeseed and corn in open fields. These actions were prepared in secret. We were not many: a few movie producers, writers, major politicians or union members.
contre OGM We symbolically wanted to alert public opinion of the danger for the environment and human health of using GMO, and to request a debate.
On July 25, it was different: it was publicized and every body was invited.

Certain studies see positively the use of GMO. It would help developing countries. What do you think?

le danger d'OGM I think the opposite. Powerful corporations like Monsanto in the United States try to impose everywhere their products and to have the monopoly of seeds. Developing countries will become more dependants. 

How do you explain that there are so few debates about GMO and one has to engage in civil disobedience?

Like the use of nuclear energy, the debate is obliterated. Lobbyists are powerful enough to prevent citizens from taking the decision. The challenge of civil disobedience is to dispute the private interests of Corporations and to favor the common good.

(Interviewed by Olivier Robert)