Letter of July 1 st 2004 from Jacques Gaillot





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antisémitisme Anti-Semitism seriously discredited France during the Second World War. This has been gradually overcome with time but left scars that rightly recall the drama of the Shoah. 

And now this evil we thought to be eradicated forever is on the rise again. Anti-Semitism actions are multiplying: tombs are vandalized, synagogues are burned down, and Rabbis are attacked.

A young student of 17 years old who was studying in a Talmudic school has been severely wounded by a knife. His attacker is reported to have said: "Allah Akbar". " God is the Highest". 

école juife

Certainly the Israeli-Palestinian conflict affects our country. Violence is imported here. However that does not prevent us from protesting and taking action. When a Jew is attacked, a red alarm is on.
To attack a Jew is like attacking our rights, our liberty and us as citizens. It is destroying our possibility to live together. How is it possible to build Europe when anti-Semitism is on the rise again?
"Future cannot be built on hatred", said rightly the French President at the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landings.
De Gaulle et Adenauer France and Germany reconciled after a century of war that caused so many losses. 

Recent anti-Semitism attacks have not stirred much the public opinion and the representatives of Moslems in France were not well heard. But anti-Semitism is not an opinion, it is a crime.