Letter of June 1 st 2004 from Jacques Gaillot
Palestine: a people in rebellion





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Palestine: a people in rebellion

un peuple occupé It will be never said enough that injustice is the cause of terrorism and criminal actions. When people in an occupied territory have to suffer injustice every day, they rebel. Full of hatred, they look for revenge when they are being put down. When humiliated they show up resistance. 

The building of a wall, humiliations at each check-point, olive trees being torn down, destruction of houses, targeted assassinations, thousands of Palestinian prisoners some under 18 years of age… all this unleashes the violence and feeds anti-Semitism abroad. 


Young ones become volunteers for suicide attacks. Attacks bring reprisals. It is a chain of violent actions with all their horror. A fire that nobody knows how to douse.

situation d'injustice Some Israelis are more and more aware of the injustice done to the Palestinian people.  
They understand that peace needs justice and they support a pacific solution based on the right. Already young ones refuse to participate to this dirty war in the occupied territories.

For each criminal attack, public opinion condemns these unthinkable actions. But condemnation is not enough. As far as an unfair situation exists, we do not solve the origins of violence. We should learn from the past, violence would not bring justice. Force has to be with the law of right, if not, peace is not possible.
la paix au Moyen-Orient Since many years, the international community has not been able to, or did not want to solve the problems of the Middle East. Then, why are we surprised that peace is not possible elsewhere? If there is no peace in the Middle East, can we hope to make peace in the rest of the world?