Letter of May 1 st 2004 from Jacques Gaillot
Towards more autonomy and responsibility





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Towards more autonomy and responsibility

In a society centered on individuals, it is a challenge to become an autonomous and responsible man or woman.
Left alone, we have to obtain our own independence and to find our own way. We have to make our own choices that give meaning to our life.
It is a progress but what a difficult undertaking!

eveiller des libertés This means to be able to think for oneself and to live according to our convictions. 

To accomplish this, we must be liberated from oppressive or authoritarian systems, whatever the economic, politic or religious they are. 

libérer de l'oppression

We have to free ourselves from general accepted ideas or behaviors. To be an authentic person and not behaving like the others expect us to do, we have to get free from imposed models and programmed pleasures.
As an individual we are strongly challenged!
How to face a changing world? That was previously well established is now being questioned. That were given facts now become things to accomplish. Where can we find our bearings when most established bodies have lost any credit?
It is tempting to let other people conduct our life or, in extreme cases, to commit suicide.
déchirer le filet But adversity can help us to discover a more intimate world, to look beyond the façade to reach a deeper understanding. To achieve such a goal we have to meet a person, man or woman, who is well with himself and not superficial. A person who has good reasons to live. It is invaluable. Only autonomous people can lead us towards autonomy and responsibility.