Letter of January 1 st 2004 from Jacques Gaillot
Merry Christmas and happy New Year





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    Merry Christmas
    happy New Year 

vision de paix At Christmas we look for a light coming from the East, like in times past, the Magi following the Star, on their way to the capital and the little city whose names are so symbolic even in our days: Jerusalem the symbol of peace, Bethlehem the house of bread. 

Jerusalem has become an image of a world torn apart. It encompasses within its walls the separation between two nations.
Bethlehem where the Prince of Peace was born two thousand years ago, is now witnessing, powerless, the building of a wall against peace.
Without peace in this part of the world, can the rest of the world be at peace?
Suddenly a branch of olive tree has just come forth, leading to some hope.
It comes from Geneva where Israeli and Palestinians showed to the whole world that a peace plan is possible. The Geneva agreement is a light in the darkness. A light that spreads everywhere, brought by men and women with good will. Will public opinion take it?  plan de paix

The earth is not made to be a battlefield.
Children who are going to enjoy the light of Christmas are not done for war.

famille sainte I like to pray in front of the crib with the same children's look full of wonder. I offer the Child of Bethlehem to all who feel alone and discouraged. 
I put first, close to Mary and Joseph, immigrants without permit, prisoners, the sick, the people wounded by terrorist attacks, the handicapped people. Close to the shepherds I put Gypsies, old people who are alone, abandoned women and children.  marginaux
That makes a huge crowd to a point that I cannot see anymore the God Child. But I am so happy that these ordinary people can see Who came for them with words of peace.