Letter of December 1 st 2003 from Jacques Gaillot
Three days of joy





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Three days of joy

The second European Social Forum (ESF) was held in Paris and its suburb.
altermondialistes A success for the activists for an alter-globalization who managed to gather 50 000 people not only from Europe but also from all over the world.  
An extraordinary opportunity for meetings and exchanges. I have been enthusiastic about all the contacts I made during these three days.
Since the first world Forum of Porto Alegre in January 2001, what a progress! It has become a large movement, it has been growing more and more active, more influential and it has put forward an alternative to capitalism. In this enthusiasm, carrier of future achievements, there is a same desire shared by all: another world is possible.

In one of these forums I pinpointed these words from Che Guevara that characterize well the participants:
" Most of all, be always able to resent profoundly inside yourself any injustice done to anybody, anywhere in the world. It is the best quality of a revolutionary…"
Associations, Unions, Movements, Networks, NGO, collective groups were coming together to exchange experiences, to compare strategies, to organize struggles and social resistance against all inequalities and oppressions.   échanger les expériences
For these social activists, the fundamental human rights should prevail over financial and commercial interests; the neo-liberal capitalism does create more victims than wars.

Two mobilizing actions were engaged:
On March 20, 2004, anniversary of the beginning of war in Iraq by the United States and their allies, there will be a day of demonstration for a just and lasting peace. 

contre la guerre

construction européenne On May 9 we will see the fulfillment of actions for another Europe to oppose to logic of commerce and competition propelling the construction of Europe. 
Already a world social forum is under preparation for January 2004 in Bombay, India and also a European Social Forum (ESF) in London in Autumn 2004.