Letter of November 1 st 2003 from Jacques Gaillot
A rebellious and forgotten people: the Chechens





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A rebellious and forgotten people: the Chechens

Grozny Already four years that the Russian army has occupied Chechnya and has been conducting a dirty war against the Chechnya people. An army of almost 100 000 men is trying by all means to silence and to subject a small nation of one million people!
In year 2000, their capital, Groznyy, has been razed to the ground. 
Chechnya refugees struggle to survive in camping settlements in Ingush. Their leader for independence, Aslan Maskhadov, is pursuing the struggle under cover. Clashes between the Russian army and the independent forces are common.
In Moscow, it is regularly claimed that the war is over, but it never finishes. Explosive attacks prove it.
The people's resistance is heroic especially the one of women named the "black widows". 

veuves noires

The presidential election on October 5 has been a masquerade. Nobody has been taken in by these fixed elections. The coup de force from Moscow by imposing an official candidate will not succeed in convincing public opinions that peace will replace arms.
silence publique Much worst is the silence of public opinions, international institutions and responsible politics. They are just forgetting. When heads of States or of Government meet President Putin, nobody dares to speak against the war in Chechnya that sacrifices the people. They are nice with him to sign contracts or to obtain diplomatic support. 
Once more, human rights have to give room to financial interests. An incantation for peace is always in the speeches of politicians, but in practice a people in danger is abandoned. It is unacceptable.