Letter of October 1 st 2003 from Jacques Gaillot
The struggle for another world





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le globe The struggle for another world 

It has more and more supporters. First by imposing a new word, "alterglobalization" they mean that they do not oppose to the globalization by itself, but to the neo-conservative globalization where every thing is marketable .

Thanks to their activism, the World Trade Organization (WTO) comes out of clandestineness into the open. Opponents or supporters, every body speaks about it because it is a question of life or death for whole populations.  altermondialistes

The representatives of small African countries dare to speak about all the pressures and threats they have to deal with. The countries from the South organize themselves and are not afraid to oppose the countries of the North.

survivre One of the sensitive subjects at Cancun was agriculture. By thousands, Mexicans came to denounce the unfair treatment they undergo.
As corn producers they cannot make a living from their work.  The Mexican Government buys corn from the USA because it is cheaper, the American producers are largely subsided and then their products are competitive. The Mexican peasants are forced to give up their land to go to Mexico City or to the United States.

For people from Benin, Mali or Chad, cotton production is essential. There again, American producers get a subsidy to allow them to sell cotton at a cost below the African cost. The result of this is that millions of Africans cannot make a living from their work and have to go to other African cities or to Europe.

The European Union also gives subsidy to export their own products. The damage to the poor countries is enormous. Would they be able to break the protectionism of the rich countries? They have to face powerful agricultural lobbies determined to preserve their subsidy. The failure of the negotiations in Cancun offers a good illustration of it.

contre la pauvreté The struggle is still going on. The supporters for an alterglobalization bring hope to the poor of the world.