Letter of September 1 st 2003 from Jacques Gaillot
A summer full of danger





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A summer full of danger

contre les flammes We have just had an exceptional summer: a heat wave hit Europe killing thousands among the elderly; thousands of acres of forests were destroyed by fires; fierce thunderstorms destroyed houses and camping grounds; a drought with no precedent ruined crops and killed animals and fish. 

The climatic change activates a chain reaction that affects the whole nature. Watching on TV the firemen struggling with courage against the violence of the flames, I was thinking how small we are in front of the forces of nature! The fight is so unequal! The same in the emergency services of hospitals where the patients were sent. With so few staff and means, the doctors were doing the best they could.

ressource naturelle
Certainly we need more people, more money and better coordination in public services to face emergencies. It concerns us all.

The global warming, the depletion of natural resources, specifically of drinking water, the pollution of the soil, of the air and the water, the depletion of the forests, show that our small planet is fragile and that it is seriously in danger. We are in a state of alert.


But these catastrophes from which we are suffering so much have a salutary effect. Gradually the whole world is waking up to the seriousness of saving the planet. Movements for protection of nature are numerous.

défense l'environnement 

There is a new sensitivity for the defense of the environment that requires a change of attitude: to give up some advantages of comfort of modern life, to develop an organic agriculture, to promote more solidarity between rich and poor countries. The politicians will have to take it into account. As we are living on this planet, we are responsible for its future and for the coming generations.