Letter of February 1 st 2003 from Jacques Gaillot
Make Peace





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Make Peace 

manifestation Once more I was demonstrating in the streets of Paris against war on Iraq and the people that were there impressed me. They were a great number and determined; they were walking for hours in the cold and endlessly asking for peace.  
When I was marching with them some thoughts came to my mind.
To be at peace in order to give peace

To be at peace with oneself, to let us be pacified, to find the peace of the heart, it is essential. Because violence is also in ourselves. It stands inside us.
What a blessing to meet persons at peace with themselves! You feel well with them. With them you feel happy, we are not built to be worried and to live an agitated life. Their life has deepness: in front of them we dare to be ourselves and true with our humanity. Their struggle tells to us that peace is to be shared like bread. It is why they open their hands and their hearts to the benefit of others.  être en paix
Peace is our concern

It depends on us. All of us are concerned. It is magnificent to see all these demonstrations against war in Iraq happening in USA, Japan, Arab countries and in most of the European countries. This mobilization of public opinion demonstrates that war is avoidable and not written in advance. As I am writing these words I do not know if there will be a war but I am sure that this formidable protest of the people will not be without effect.
We are working for peace each time we restore confidence in a family, in a community, in a neighborhood, in downtown or in suburban areas, or between two countries.
The German-French reconciliation, forty years ago, is a good example of the restoration of confidence between two countries. This is one of the conditions for peace. 
People are afraid of Peace

représailles This may sound strange. But I heard it for the first time from a Palestinian. This friend wanted me to understand that it is easier to make war than to make peace. Violence is fast like lightning. It is quickly started.  
But retaliations and attacks bring no solution. Misunderstanding and hate can only ever-increase the gap between people. Peace is slow to come.
It supposes a change in thinking and in action. Peace requires justice, application of the law, and a regard for the UNO resolutions.  ONU
Reconciliation with a brother who is an enemy is not easy, it is so much easier to fight against him! Going toward somebody who is not like me is more difficult than to stay at home to avoid problems. Yes peace makes people afraid because it is a struggle that we need to undertake without any delay.