Letter of January 1 st 2003 from Jacques Gaillot
Merry Christmas and happy New Year





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Merry Christmas and happy New Year
jours de fêtes It is a time for seasonal greetings and exchanging gifts with one another. It is the occasion for sharing, for having meals with families and friends. Between Christmas and New Year's day an atmosphere of fraternity spreads among humans. Violence gives way to peace. How important it is that nobody stays alone during this period of festivities. I am thinking of the elderly, the sick and the prisoners. Nobody should be without a visit! 

Our world is disturbed by acute conflicts, undermined by the wars and still overcome by poverty. However it is the world of God. God is with us. He became a man. Even if it is difficult for Christians to celebrate Christmas this year in Bethlehem or in Baghdad, God is among us.

Every one of us has a light in our heart, the light of human dignity, a light shining in the darkness with the words: Peace, Shalom, Salam.

May the peace of Christmas be always with you.  meilleurs voeux