Letter of November 1 st 2002 from Jacques Gaillot
A ripped fruit





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A ripped fruit
A number of Christians assembled together for a whole day to listen to me of course but also to raise many questions. It was in a beautiful place, south of France, in Ardeche.
nombreuses questions Among the questions there was one that could not be missed as it was the anniversary of the October 11th opening of the Council of Vatican II, forty years ago.  
"What is left today of the Council? For this anniversary, Rome did not find better than to canonize the founder of the Opus Dei!"

Among the attendees, many had drifted away from the institution. The Church hierarchy has disappointed them, but they were not bitter.
Some think that the Church is unable to change and they take their battles elsewhere. Others keep in touch with the Church that they continue to love. But it is not without problems.  continuer d'aimer 

What struck me during this meeting is their vitality. They have participated in so many actions! They are free Christians, turned toward the future. They like to go to the essential in order to live with Jesus and in accordance to the Gospel. They have a personal faith, nothing to do with ready-made thoughts. They want to be authentic and they know how to make their own decision. I really admired their ability to listen and to ask questions.

This is also why I had no difficulty to answer their question: " What is left of the Council?"
fruit mûr " You are today a ripe fruit of the Council. Your maturity, your liberty, your solidarity, all these show that the vigor of the Council has irrigated your lives.  
When I was a young priest during the Council, I never met people like you. You are fulfilling today the promise of the Council. No authority can put a stop to the liberty and maturity that are yours and that of a great part of these persons who form the base of the people of God".