Letter of October 1 st 2002 from Jacques Gaillot
No to war





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No to war
non à la guerre  A war, even that one might be preventive, still remains a war. We know when it starts. We don't know when it is going to end. This is true in Afghanistan where the civil war is far from being over, of Chechnya where the Russian army is dragging its feet, and most of all in the Middle East where no one seems to know how to put an end to the conflict. 

A massive intervention of the army in Iraq will be a set back by humanity in its cycle of violence, of sufferings and of hate. The nations will have nothing to gain but everything to lose. Anyone who believes in a political solution of international conflicts will be discredited.
How can one justify actions that cause such terrible wounds to the human family? By this simple assertion, any intervention of the army is justified when political, economical or military interests of the United States are at stake. Today Irak is in the eye of the United States. Tomorrow it will be another country's turn.  loin de la paix

Meanwhile, France is announcing a new bill for its military programme : a large increase in the budget to buy new armaments including an aircraft carrier. That means less money for education, culture and health. For reasons of security. One cannot,at the same time, pay the price of war and the price of peace.

We are in a culture of war and very far away from a culture of peace !

Fortunately, there are many to protest against these scandals and illusions. Peace is also our business. Peace is in our hands.