Letter of May 1 st 2002 from Jacques Gaillot
The Humiliation of a People





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drapeaux  The Humiliation of a People 
With the massacre at the Jenine refugee camp we are discovering horror: houses destroyed by bombs, streets ruined by tanks,, wounded without medical attention, bodies that cannot be buried, men humiliated in front of the cameras! Hospitals no longer function, ambulances cannot circulate, Doctors Without Borders are prevented from going to the site. What homicidal folly! Now we know that the worst can happen.
In waging this war that makes people desperate and traumatises them, the State of Israel disqualifies itself in the face of world opinion. It destroys itself by wishing for the destruction of a people. guerre
One day the people responsible will be called to account for their actions. 
In reprisal, a young girl gave her life in order to sow death in Israel, even though she was put on earth to give life! How sad! Suicide-bombers are to be absolutely condemned. They are never justified and do a disservice to the Palestinian cause. For my part, I have never heard the Islamic authorities denounce these suicide-bombers.
The violence in Palestine has reached France and is being turned against the Jews: acts of hostility, destruction and desecration. Fortunately, the disapproval of such acts is unanimous.
The drama unfolding in the Middle East has not left people indifferent to it. The world's Arab populations are mobilizing en masse to support the Palestinian people. Evidence of this in France and other European countries is impressive.
How to end the violence and bring lasting peace to the Middle East? The solution is not a military one, it is one of political negotiation. The first condition must be the immediate withdrawal of the Israel army from the Occupied Territories.
destruction  The source of the violence is the war waged against the Palestinian people. This occupation has become untenable.
If this violence ends, the other forms of violence will end. 
The security of the Israeli people is not in tanks and war helicopters. In can only be assured through the friendship of the Palestinian people. The road will be long and difficult. But it is not a dead end.
No one can kill the future of the Palestinian people. They are used to resisting, as the two hundred Palestinians are resisting in the Church of the Nativity, making it holy.