Letter of April 1 st 2002 from Jacques Gaillot
Easter, a new life





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Easter, a new life 

La nuit de Pâques 

For Christians, it is the most important time of the liturgy. At Easter, the Good News is proclaimed: " Are you looking for Jesus, the Crucified?" He is not here. He is resuscitated".
Jesus did not stay imprisoned in his tomb. Death had not the last word. A beautiful and bright life sprang up from the tomb. His death was not destruction but a transformation like it is said in the liturgy. Jesus rose up from the dead. He is living the life of God. Death will nether have power on him. Death is defeated. 

le Crucifié

Resuscitated on Easter, he takes us along in his new life. We will have also our Easter.

This pushes us to get out of our deadlock, to knock down the walls in which we are imprisoned and to refuse to be overcome by the events. Resurrection is the life of God within us.
lumière de Pâques 
Easter is the victory of love. Life wins. Like the Apostle John, we already know that when we love our brothers we have gone from death to life.
Since Easter Sunday, Jesus, the first to be resurrected, is enlightening our way from death to life.

Humanity is devastated by violence and injustice, will the disciples of the Resurrected be able to reconcile and help?
Jesus resurrected is waiting for us.


Easter is not only for Jesus but also for the world. The whole of the Creation is involved in this unique event. Another world is possible, in hope we are waiting for a new world where justice and peace prevail.