Letter of August 1st 2001 from Jacques Gaillot
In the hands of God





Special Edition





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Teresa of Avila  For summer time I thought to present to you a poem from Teresa of Avila, a beautiful poem that can bring us to a prayer of thanks. 

In the hands of God. 
In the hands of God 


"I am yours, I was born for you,
What do you want of me?


I am yours, since you are my creator,
Yours, because you redeemed me,
Yours, because you endured me,
Yours, because you called me,
Yours, because you were patient with me,
Yours, because I did not fall,
What do you want of me?


This is my heart,
On the palm of your hand I put it,
My body, my life and my soul,
My inner most feelings;
Tender spouse, my redemption
Because I offered myself to you,
What do you want of me?
Give me death, give me life,
Give me health or sickness,
Honor or dishonor,
Give me war or extreme peace,
Weakness or full strength,
Because I say yes to every thing,
What do you want of me?
Give me wealth or poverty,
Give me comfort or discomfort,
Give me joy or sorrow,
Give me hell, or give me heaven,
Sweet life, sun unveiled,
Because I gave up all,
What do you want of me?
If you want me to rest,
By love I will rest,
If you want me to work,
I will die working,
Tell me where, how and when?
Tell me sweet love, tell me.
What do you want of me?


That I keep silent or that I speak,
That I am useful or not,
That the Law exhibits my wound,
That I rejoice of the sweet Gospel;
That I feel troubled or delighted,
I live for You only.
What do you want of me?
I belong to You, I was born for You,
What do you want of me?