Letter of July 1st 2001 from Jacques Gaillot
On the way with the men and the wowen
Live today and work for the future





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sur la route  On the way with the men and the women
Live today and work for the future
This was the subject of the international meeting of the working priests. The wind of Pentecost seemed to blow on this assembly of about 500 persons.
The presentations of human experiences and solidarity action gave a strong missionary mark: The Church exists first for those who do not belong to the Church. The future is made of initiatives on the borderlines. The minister of the working priests is minister of liberation of the persons. The incarnation of Jesus has to be continued to make the society more human with a priority for the oppressed.
It is so good to hear these words from such witnesses!
célébrer l'Eucharistie  The celebration of Pentecost Eucharist in the main room of the Congress Palace had a lot of character. The people of God were celebrating around a large table the three facts that Jesus wanted to link together at the Last Supper: a new commandment, the washing of the feet, Eucharist. 
Behind each working-priest I could see a thousand persons. This is because each priest has an extraordinary impact due to his commitments, his struggles, and his priority for the weakest. Through these priests I could see thousands of people, a huge crowd invading the whole city of Strasbourg.  la ville de Strasbourg 
To contradict my vision, newsmen put me back to reality: "Working priests are getting old. There are few young ones. What is the future?"
"They will not disappear. They opened a breach that will not be closed again. In the future the situation will be reversed: the priests will not anymore engaged themselves in the working condition. On the contrary, the married or unmarried workers will be asked by the Church to become priests".
Before leaving all the people were singing with enthusiasm:
"They make themselves friends of the oppressed
and share the destiny of the neglected.
With them they live side by side
speaking the same language on Pentecost day"