Letter of June 1st 2001 from Jacques Gaillot
The death penalty





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The death penalty  Live Kill 
The question of the death penalty is raised again in the United States where at a time the executions are done without much notice from public opinion. However the execution of Timothy Mc Veigh, the perpetrator of the bombing of Oklahoma City where 168 people died in 1995, creates a new event.
Public opinion is not focused any more on principles or morals and neither on possible miscarriages of justice. DNA tests have changed the public thinking and many States in America enforce more and more a mandatory delay for the executions.
What is new is the questioning of the publicity of the executions on the TV. TheTimothy McVeigh execution will be shown to the public, even if only on close TV networks and to the families of the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing.
Manifestation contre la Peine de mort  For this occasion the opponents to the death penalty raise a disturbing question: why, at the TV age, one cannot stand the broadcast of an execution? 
Let us hope that one of the most powerful countries in the world will get rid of its fears and will change its way. At a time when life is taken so lightly, it is most important to assert the value of every human life and to show that a society of men and women is able to stop seeking revenge.
The abolition of the death penalty in France will certainly stay for the future the most positive action taken by the left parties. It is stimulating to see year after year countries abolishing the death penalty on our little planet. Can we dream that one day every country will have abolished it?