Letter of May 1st 2001 from Jacques Gaillot
The Palestinian tragedy





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The Palestinian tragedy
I was a member of a group of delegates including members of parliament, newsmen, representatives of associations from Belgium, France and Greece who went to Palestine to convoy a humanitarian aid at the Gaza airport.
à Gaza 
Délegation ONG pour Palestine, prêtre G.Vimard, Mgr. Gaillot avec les jeunes de Gaza, Mars 2001 

I visited Gaza territory three years ago, since then it has become an immense prison, slowly declining: locking up, arbitrary detentions, closing of schools, access to health care suppressed, uprooting of trees, razing houses to the ground…Unemployment has tripled. The blockade of the territory prevents Palestinian workers to go to Israel. Farmers making a living from strawberry, tomato, cucumber cultures are now ruined. The crops are dying.
We listened to the testimony of farmers who were living with their family on very fertile lands. Their properties were expropriated to the benefit of an Israeli colony. The army permanently protected them. A few minutes after our arrival, the army dropped a bomb and a farmer was wounded.
We walked close by the place where a child was killed in the arms of his father. This photo has gone around the world and has impressed the public opinion. Now it is waste ground. The army bulldozers have razed down any remnant of the event.
Every thing has deteriorated. I met people having a bad time, permanently humiliated and insecure but still determined to resist.
Mgr. Gaillot avec les enfants de Gaza  A family of 10 children invited me: they told me that their eldest son of 22 years old died in a confrontation, the second one of 20 is in an Israeli jail. 

Sharing the evening meal with another family, the young told me that the Israelis could do all they want. No restriction, they are the masters. Force is on their side. In spite of this unbearable situation, they still continue to struggle.
partager le destin 
Le prêtre Georges Vimard partage le destin du peuple palestinien 

I celebrated mass with a priest friend and the Sisters of F. Foucauld who have lived in Gaza for 25 years. I admire these Sisters who share the destiny of the Palestinian people. They told me that as long as this unfair situation lasts, there will be no peace. Injustice creates violence. Justice creates peace.