Letter of December 1st 2000
from Jacques Gaillot

The fight for peace of John Lennon

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Click and look the painting 
The fight
for peace
John Lennon

John Lennon 

Painting from a child
of South America
When war is progressing in Israel and Occupied Territories with people dying every day, a musical and pacifist night show in memory of John Lennon is a sign of hope. An internationally known singer, he opposed the Vietnam War. He defended black minorities. His first hit parade song with the Beatles, "Love me do" has encountered an immense success.
"We had money, fame but we were missing joy. Then I met Yoko. We found out that our common goal in life was love. And from love came peace. Then we decided to work for peace worldwide"
He recorded the famous "Give Peace a Chance" in the full swing of the Vietnam War and sent back his decoration to the Queen to protest against the British involvement in Nigeria-Biafra and the Vietnam War.
John and Yoko took many initiatives to mould public opinion and to appeal to their moral sense. Their political action had a strong impact on the public. They sent seeds to Heads of State all over the world to encourage them to plant peace trees. They sold by auction their own hair to prevent hanging of a black activist. They fully supported the Black Panthers.
This kind of fight for peace could not be always understood, it raised difficulties even threats. John Lennon was under the scrutiny of FBI. He was asked to leave United States within 60 days. On 8th of December 1980 he was assassinated in front of his apartment house facing Central Park.
Twenty years after we understand all of the soundness and importance of his action against the Vietnam War. Who would not like to record so significant a song like "Give Peace a Chance" in the Middle East to disclose the unfair treatment of the Palestinian people?