Letter of August 1st 2000 from Jacques Gaillot

Camp David negotiations

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Camp David negotiations

I just learned that the negotiations at Camp David failed. I am not surprised neither disappointed because I was not expecting too much of this "last chance" meeting.
Indeed all the unfair treatment to the Palestinian people cannot by a basis for peace. Violence is imposed to the Palestinian in their every day life. Too much violence, too many frustrations, disappointments, had accumulated during these years when one considers the refugees in camps, the prisoners of opinion, the working Palestinians, the establishment of Jewish colonies or the problem of water. The irritation among the young has kept growing in the territories of Trans Jordan and Gaza.
An independent and sovereign Palestinian State would have allowed a just and lasting peace. That has always been refused. One cannot make peace without the people and without paying the price, that is the price of justice.
Jerusalem is passionately disputed and has always been a source of dissension. The Vatican is right when he asks for a special status for Jerusalem, with international control in preserving the sacred character of the city.
The breakdown of the negotiations at Camp David can help the Arab countries, the International Organizations, the Christian Churches to understand their role in solving the historical conflict which has lasted too long and for which we are all concerned. All that when we are expecting the proclamation of a Palestinian State on September the 13th…after waiting for so long!