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April 2006 

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Greater works



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Greater works.

oeuvres plus grande "He who believe in me will also do the works that I do, even greater works because I go to the Father" (John 14, 12). 

Since the coming of Jesus nothing is as before. He turned every thing upside down, and not only the tables of the merchants of the Temple. The "most little" among us, such as a child with no name who does not speak, is "the greatest" for him (Luke, 9, 48).

The wealthier, the most educated, the most mighty, even the most holly, or dedicated person is not the greatest for him. That can discourage all our efforts and make Lent seem hopeless.

servir And again:" For who is the greatest among you takes the seat of the smallest and who leads serves " (Luke 22, 26). Can it be a political programme and the law of our cities? 

Clearly our rationality is useless to understand the personality of Jesus, are our generosities of any help to get his message across? We have tried every thing, school of prayer, spent money on retreats, stayed in monasteries, lit candles on oratories, written pious sentences, and still we did not find God.
Finally we gave up, and looked inside our selves, and then we recognized that" God is greater than our own heart" (1 John 3, 20).
We finally understood that the "great works" that Jesus did, we do them also: because where we are, he is there, it is why the lame can walk, the blind can see and the deaf can hear, through our faith in Jesus communicated to all of us.
Considering the "greater works" as his disciples, today, we go further away than Palestine, till the end of the world, and we bring his words of life till the end of the time. They are also his works, and they are "greater" because they follow his action in our self.

What we are doing today, it is a harvest greater than the seed, a tree greater than its seed, in which the birds can nest, a Kingdom in which justice has to be built every day, a humanity which has to be reconciled with itself.
Jesus makes us responsible of that. He has inaugurated a Kingdom when he was living with us; we have to achieve it under the impulse of the Holy Spirit he sent to us.